Saturday, March 5, 2011

Entry terpendam 1: MARDI Cameron Highland

salam.. its takes longer time than i thought to post this entry due to my hectic schedule! anyhow.. i would like to share it.. we went to Cameron Highland for last year  once on 25 Dec 2010 and on 31 Dec2010 (twice! haha) with my family and my inlaws...selalunya bila dah g ke cameron tue tmpt yang selalu kitorang sampai ke Brinchang jer.. xpernah sampai ke tempat lain. so bila second time g Cameroon (dalam tempoh 1 minggu) i gave some suggestion to mr hubby to went  to other places. so he takes my sugesstion and we finally went to MARDI Cameron.. We found out its is an amazing and fascinating place...and here goes the pic.. enjoy it!

We do have a great time there . wish to come back  with my beloved family..;p


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